Wild Rose Meadows Farm
Otsego, Michigan

Wild Rose Meadows is a little hobby farm that got completely out of hand. The farm has grown to 120 acres that is home to a herd of Scottish Highland cattle, into which we pour our hearts, our time and all of our money. It’s a little slice of heaven a mile long and a quarter mile wide.

Our 1890's farm house and barn are located on one road while our other barn is located on the other road a mile away. A beautiful trail winds across the fields and through the woods from one barn to the other.


Normally you won't see elephants at Wild Rose Meadows Farm, but there was the time an exotic animal park from Dallas, Texas, needed a place for their elephants and tigers to rest for a weekend between shows. We invited them to stay at the farm. Naturally, our grandchildren came to enjoy the unusual guests!