Wild Rose Meadows Farm
Otsego, Michigan

Cattle For Sale

We raise registered Scottish Highland Cattle. Usually we have three or four available for sale each year ranging from calves to adult cows.

This is Winchester, our herd sire. He came to us from our friends Evelyn and Bill Pruitt at Osceola Highlands, Reed City, Michigan.

If you are interested in buying cattle, please contact us to check on availability.

Grass Fed Beef For Sale

Our cattle are grass fed, all-natural, with no antibiotics, no steroids, no growth hormones. Compare to organic.

Most years we can provide several quarters or halves for the freezer. Our beef is processed at Byron Center Meats, south of Grand Rapids.

The availability of beef depends on whether we have 2-year-old steers for sale. The female cattle all go for breeding stock. We sell a lot of males for breeding stock also, but not always - and they become beef.

If you are interested in beef, please contact us to check on availability.

Bee Hives

We have a few bee hives on the farm to pollinate our hay fields.

The hives increase clover production and  yield enough honey to keep our pantry well stocked throughout the year.

Wood Shop

We also have a wood shop at the farm where we make all kinds of interesting items.

These photos show furniture for our granddaughters' American Girl dolls. One doll is left handed and one is right handed, so the desks are constructed accordingly.

For more pictures of the wood shop, click this link to go to our Creative Partners web site.

Our First Pair of Twins

We were blessed with our first pair of twins in early December 2014. Although calves are normally born in the spring, this cows has always given birth in the middle of the winter. It will be a challenge for a beef cow to produce enough milk to fee two hungry calves in cold weather when they need lots of energy to stay warm.

Fortunately the mother of these little guys produces more milk than normal and is an excellent mother. It also helps that the bull helps with babysitting duty.

It will be fun watching these guys grow up!